Wednesday, 7 September 2011


When I left high school, I wanted to get into graphic design, architecture or something similar.  And instead to taking a year or two off, I figured I'd go straight into university.  We were taught a mixed discipline in my particular high school, where they lumped the two together along with some industrial design stuff.  I liked working with computers but I didn't consider them a career path at that time.

I didn't get into the graphic design course in the university I wanted, but I got an offer for foreign language, which I was indifferent about.  However, I got into the architecture course in Darwin, which I was willing to do, since I figured it was close enough.  The architecture course in CDU was not the full course, but what the hell, I could just transfer once I finished.

It was about most of the way into the 2nd year, when I realised how much I hated it.  The workload was insane and I could rarely wrap my head around the critique.  I've never understood art critique, especially in the context of architecture.  Also, I wasn't that great.  I struggled through the 3rd year twice, but I ended up bailing out.

Ultimately, I'm not sorry about doing this course or leaving it, because I met a lot of good people and it has lead to some interesting opportunities, but I do regret a lot of things.


  1. I regret nothing, not even my mistakes!

  2. I don't think you need school to be good at graphic design and similar stuff.. just keep learning and you'll get there imho

  3. At least you were smart enough to know when to call it quits. Some never do.