Monday, 19 September 2011


Playing Starfox 64 has got me back into playing my 3DS again.  I bought it at launch, which was kind of a mistake, though I wouldn't have got those free NES and SNES games other wise.  I hadn't touched it for ages, pretty much since Zelda.  I've never really gotten into Zelda, but OoT is supposed to be a classic, so you know.

So I've started playing Resident Evil Mercenaries again, and it's much more fun than I remember.   I think I'm a sucker for short, arcade like games now.  I seems to lose interest in anything that requires me to put in more than 2 hours without feeling like I've accomplished something.

Anyway, RE Mercenaries is great, but don't get it for RRP - half of that is preferable.


  1. Wait so are you saying that you can play Starfox on the 3DS? I would get it just for that if that's the case.

  2. Yeah, I like playing games for the sole feeling of nostalgia sometimes.

  3. @Sub-Radar-Mike

    It's a port of SF64 with better graphics. It's AWESOME SAUCE.