Sunday, 4 September 2011

IT3CD1 - Assessment 1 Part 1

  1. How is the World Wide Web related to the Internet?
    The Internet itself is a series of interconnected computer networks that use TCP/IP protocol to communicate with each other and serve billions of people worldwide with various resources and services, including the World Wide Web.
  2. What is the primary publishing format on the web?
    HTML 4.01 is the main format used on the web.
  3. Include a useful hypertext link to any web site which lists the elements used in this publishing format.
  4. Which organisation's role is it to develop standards for the web?
    The W3C is the primary organisation for developing open standards on the web.
  5. List at least two popular web publishing standards described by this organisation.
    The organisation's webpage lists HTML, CSS and XHTML as popular standards.
  6. What is this organisation's goals?
    The W3C's main mission is to develop the WWW to its full potential and sustain its long-term growth by creating standards that allow all people, regardless of language, location, hardware, software, browsing device, physical or mental ability, to access and benefit from the web without hindrance.
  7. Why is validation a good practice for developing web documents?
    Validating a web document allows a web designer make sure that their web page is compatible with any browser or device.  It also allows them to know what element performs what function, in case they may need to build a page that will not be completely compatible with W3C standards.

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  1. Reminds me of stuff the taught us back when I was in high school.